This page introduces the task of labeling industrial smoke emissions from videos. Each video is 3 seconds. Note the following characteristics of smoke:

  • Smoke shows various colors, while steam is mostly whitish.
  • Smoke has unclear edges and fades away slower than steam.
  • Smoke has various opacities, while steam usually has high opacity.

High and Low Opacity (Need to Select Both)

Please label high and low opacity smoke, even with unknown emission source. High-opacity smoke (the first and second videos below) blocks its background. For low-opacity smoke (the third and fourth videos below), the background can be visible.

Steam-Only (Do Not Select)

Steam disappears faster and has sharp edges when compared to smoke. Steam usually has high opacity, which makes its background not visible. Here are examples that show mainly steam, which should not be selected.

Smoke + Steam (Need to Select)

Smoke and steam can appear at the same time. Here are examples that show both smoke and steam, which also needs to be selected.

Bad Weather (Do Not Select)

Various bad weather conditions can affect the camera view. Here are examples that show bad weather, which should not be selected.

Video autoplay is disabled. Please enable it.